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MGRC - Managed Governance, Risk , and Compliance

Combined vCRO & vCCO Services

DFI's MGRC Service takes on the full responsibility of Risk Management and Compliance within your organization. This includes Risk Assessments and Compliance Assessments to meet any regulatory requirements (NIST, CIS, etc.)

vCCO - Virtual Chief Compliance Officer

Oversee & Ensure Regulatory / Contract Compliance

vCRO - Virtual Chief Risk Officer

Risk Identification and Management

Our vCRO's review all available data about the organization and assess and mitigate, where applicable, any significant competitive, regulatory and technological threats to an enterprise's capital and earnings.

When enterprise Risks are identified, the organization can then be protected against them.

TPRM - Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Vendor, Supplier, or Service Provider Monitoring