DFI Aiken is now DeWitt GRC

Welcome to your new Teammate!

DFI Aiken was formed to help businesses be holistically efficient and effective in performing their operations, regardless of the industry.

Our approach is to save business owners time, money, or effort so they can spend their resources on their customers and their employees.

Whether you are looking to reduce costs, receive a return on investment, or improve your processes and operations, we can help you.

A major part of streamlining operations is creating standardized documented policies and procedures for your Team.

Streamline Processes & Operations

We identify inefficient situations and supply solutions to align your people, systems, and processes to reach the goals and objectives in your organizations business plan and / or charter.

Hard work is important, but efficiency and working smarter will allow growth.

Risk Identification & Management

DFI Risk Managers will identify organizational risks to allow for an effective remediation or mitigation to allow the organization to maximize profits by using Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA) and What-If Scenario Analysis (WISA).

Risks are inevitable. Success is determined by what you do about it.

Supply Chain Monitoring

How secure is your supply chain? Are you blindly trusting your vendors? What would happen if your supplier went out of business? These are the questions your DFI Third Party Risk Manager (TPRM) would help you answer to keep your organization running smoothly long into the future.

It only takes one idea to be successful. DFI is here to implement your idea.

Can we help?


Our goal is to provide a custom-tailored service unique to provide success to your organization. Please Contact Us if you would like a free 30 minute consultation, in person (SC or east Georgia), online, or over the phone!

Contact Us at Sales@DFIAiken.com

Don DeWitt - Owner, Head Consultant

Don's program management background goes back until when he was just a kid in grade school and has evolved as Don gained world experience and society has changed. He currently focuses on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and NIST / CIS Compliance.

Don began learning Windows 98 and Windows XP administration and management in 2002 and joined the Air Force for Cyber Security in 2010. Over the next 8 years, Don conducted multiple Security Compliance Assessments, Encryption implementation projects, and some Red Teaming (Penetration testing).

Upon separation from the Air Force, Don has been involved with multiple projects ranging from Nuclear Security & Compliance, Satellite Communications implementation, and US Government compliance including RMF & FedRAMP (NIST 800-53), CMMC / CUI (NIST 800-171), and Energy governance (NIST CSF & CIS).

When not working, Don's passion is playing sports including Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, and Track and Field. Don has even coached multiple sports teams including Adult soccer, volleyball, and football as well as Youth soccer, cross country and Track and Field (Aiken Atomics Track Team).

Don is always focused on making other peoples lives and job easier and less stressful. Don uses his skills to allow an organization to focus on their people, while he focuses on the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations.