DFI Aiken

Welcome to our Family!

DFI Aiken was formed to make Aiken County a better place to live and raise a family. We focus on the whole business with operations efficiency and event management. Business operations include streamlining processes, identifying risk, and managing the supply chain. Event management can include Festivals, sports games or tournaments, or any other project to help the local community and organizations grow to more successful heights.

Core Values


No matter what we do, no matter who we help, safety is the MOST important priority.

Work Smart

Hard work is ineffective if it goes against the goal. We emphasize working SMART. The smarter we work, the more effective we are.


We are an organization who tells the truth, no matter the cost, no matter the audience.

Our Services

Business, Risk, and Supply Chain Consulting

DFI Consultants have assisted organizations ranging from medical and veterinary clinics to schools and government agencies to property management and non-profits. Contact Us if you would like a free 15-minute consultation for your business!

Sports & Athletics Consulting

DFI Consultants have a background of sports management ranging from coaching, team building, and organization across many sports including Football, Soccer, Volleyball, and Track and Field.

Event Planning & Coordination

DFI Consultants can assist in planning events ranging from school PTO events and athletic meets, games, and tournaments all the way to HOA meetings, sales shows and conferences, and parties, anniversaries, or weddings.


Our pricing structure is based on many different variables to allow us to provide custom-tailored service. Please Contact Us if you would like a free 15-minute consultation, in person, online, or over the phone!

Our Team

Team Photo Coming Soon!!!

Contact Us at Don@DFIAiken.com

Don DeWitt - Head Consultant, Technology Lead

Don's management background goes back until when he was just a kid in grade school and has evolved as Don gained world experience and society has changed.

In 5th grade, Don was going to school in South Korea and began teaching himself Windows 98 and Windows XP administration and management. That started an interest that led to joining the Air Force at 17 for Cyber Security. In the Air Force, Don worked with Security Compliance Assessments, Encryption, and even spent time at the NSA before separating after 8 years.

Don played multiple sports growing up including Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Swimming, and Track and Field.

Don started coaching in 2012 when he was in the Air Force. He started coaching intramural football and volleyball for 15 players, including scheduling, strategy, and team management.

Coaching an existing team evolved into founding a soccer team for his Air Force base that covered an indoor AND an outdoor team and multiple practices a week. The team ranged from 10 people for indoor only up to 45 when outdoor was being offered.

Don started coaching Track and Field in 2018 as the Head Varsity Coach and the Assistant Middle School Coach for Mead Hall in Aiken, SC, and is currently the Head Coach of Aiken Atomics Track Team. He very quickly found his calling in providing extremely dedicated and motivated sprinting and long jump training focused on the individual and their future goals.